A man prepares for his final journey. The car prepared. The hose pipe in place. But a visitor arrives. Will the journey get called to a halt with a tale about Bert?

"You know when you fly off the handle, lose your rag, feel down, think everyone is against you? You know when you’re being an insufferable cock womble? Well Lucy always said, 'That’s not the Michael I married. That’s Bert.'"
None Who Does GoodThere is None Who Does Good
A leader instructs the faithful to do something extreme. Can a dissenting voice save everyone?

There are just under 1000 people here and I can name every single one of them.
ThreePopOutThree Pop Out / Out of the Darkness
It is dark, warm and cramped. Who could possibly want to stay in this place?

Yeah. Let's stay here. In the dark. It's nice. That...
(she points to the light)
...light... it just looks scary.

Written as part of 14/48 Wolverhampton in June 2015.
An old man wants to preserve the memories he has of his wife. Memories which remind him how weak he was and how strong she made him.
Painting A Picture for The WorldPainting a Picture for the World
Can a man afford the cost of a working girl?

It’s not done because you believe it.
It’s done because you want to paint a picture for the world.

A family enjoy life. But it something amiss?

He dragged that tree into the house and put lights all over it. What’s that about? There’s something going on and I don’t like it.

Written as part of 14/48 Leicester in November 2015.
Shit Biscuits
Death is in a Gogol nightmare and the soul next up for collection is a real shit biscuit."

Whereas people like Flo and the other Troglodytes around here... do you know not one of them has brought one of my dino-phants.
Family knows what's best... right?
If I won’t fight the time is right... to choose... and either choice I make...
I lose.

Written as part of 14/48 Wolverhampton in June 2016
BubbleSex Tape
A family tries to deal with the release of a sex tape. How will it change them? How has it changed people around them?

"You know what I did wrong?
I trusted him."
Everyone needs a safe haven. Even if that safe haven seems a little "strange".

You can’t on Tuesday. I won’t be here.

Written as part of 14/48 Wolverhampton in June 2015.
A carpenter discovers the world of their childhood but things aren't all they appear.

Look, I’m not saying my crime and punishment policies didn’t need a second look but at least the centaurs had somewhere to live.

Written as part of 14/48 Leicester in November 2015.